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Manual & Manipulative Therapy

Manual & manipulative therapy is the ‘hands-on’ of physiotherapy which is found at all of the Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics. Although there are certain improvements that can be made by stretching and massage alone, sometimes a more specific technique is required to mobilize or manipulate joints that don’t move properly. After such a treatment, you may be shown home exercises that can be done to keep your joints functioning well.

What types of Manual & Manipulative Therapy can Physiotherapists provide?

Joint mobilization – a skilled passive slow movement applied by the therapist to the affected joint to improve its range of motion. This can be applied to any joint, from the jaw all the way to the toes.

Joint manipulation – a skilled passive fast movement applied by the therapist to a stiff joint. There is usually a characteristic ‘pop’ sound or feeling. These can be applied to most joints of the body. Manipulations of the spine itself are limited to those professionals with advanced training in this area, including physiotherapists, physicians, osteopaths and chiropractors.

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