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Cross Country Ski Evaluation

The Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics are the only physiotherapy company to offer cross country ski evaluations. This service is offered at our Westboro physiotherapy location and is designed to identify existing injury causes, problems with alignment and biomechanics, as well as to prevent and reduce the possibility of future injury.

The cross country ski assessment is carried out over 2 sessions. The first session is an initial physical evaluation performed at our Westboro physiotherapy location. The second session following that is an on-snow portion which is carried out in Gatineau Park.

Session One: Initial Clinical Evaluation

This session includes:

Injury and skiing history information forms: 
Information pertaining to all the factors that may have an influence on current or possible future injuries.

Session Two: On-snow Cross Country Ski Evaluation

This session includes:

Following the on-snow assessment, recommendations are made to maximize your skiing and minimize your risk of injury or pain. A personalized detailed training plan including training modifications, stretches, exercises and technique drills will be included.

The assessment is performed by Shane Maley, registered physiotherapist and former national level cross country ski racer.
Most insurance carriers reimburse for this level of evaluation by a Physiotherapist.